Project’s outcomes

My community 2020 approach is based on experiential learning and aims to foster European citizens digital skills through exploring cultural heritage in 7 European cities. The project phases are logically connected and are buildingupon each other.



Step 1 – Training course on Digital Skills to Create Local History

Module 1: Introduction to Storytelling
Module 2: Introduction to Local history
Module 3: Interview techniques
Module 4: Visit to local media setting the role of journalist /presenter
Module 5: Digital Skills to learn F2F interview skills and recording on mobile device

Step 2 – Pilot Training course Digital Skills to Create Local History

A 32 hours course which will be delivered in all partner countries
The final outcome would be snapshots and videos popularizing the local history and enhancing the competences of the participants went through the course

Step 3 – Creation of My Community Handbook

Handbook will include, all training modules combining digital skills, Cultural heritage, civic pride and civic citizenship.
Trainers form all over the world can use it as a guideline and benefit from best practices in Europe.

C1: Short term joint staff training event

The primary purpose of C1 will be to train the partner representative on the delivery of the Digital skills traning course.

C2: Blended Mobility of Adult Learners

The purpose of this adult blended mobility is to provide a transnational dimension to the project evaluation and experience
By bringing together 14/21 of the participants, two from each partner, to share their experience, to learn from each other the journey they have each undertaken