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Dacorum CVS (working name Community Action Dacorum) is an NGO based in Hemel
Hempstead, UK and delivers range of services to meet the needs of local community groups and individuals. These include:

  • Support community groups develop expertise and knowledge through practical services – training, payroll service, printing, minibus hire, governance and fundraising advice.
  • Support individuals become active citizens through range of community initiatives
  • Adult Learning provision – deliver work and leisure related courses, including English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Language Interpreter training, Confidence building for Employment and Exercise classes,
  • Mobility Services – hire to individuals with mobility difficulties scooters to access the towncentre, shopping trips and daytrips for older people, social car scheme
  • CSR project – link businesses into the community where they are located
  • Interpreting and Translation Service – enable individuals to overcome language barriers to access public services
  • Radio Dacorum – internet community radio station

Activities at local level provide the base of expertise to engage in a range of European trans- national projects. In recent years we have engaged in projects funded through Erasmus+ which can be viewed at

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Magenta Consultoria Projects SLU is an educational and European projects'
consultancy set in 2003 and specialised in the promotion of gender equality and social
development at regional, national and European level. We are specialised in the
design, elaboration, management and implementation of European projects, mobilities,
training programmes and all related activities. We manage projects in a great variety of
areas and we offer the opportunity to institutions and companies to access innovative
experiences in Europe.

Magenta works with people at social risks and also offers tailor-made programmes
combining training in formal and non-formal education, language courses, internships, job shadowing, cultural activities, and more.

In My Community 2020, Magenta will provide its experience in training programmes as
well as media literacy and ICT. Furthermore, we have a wide network of contacts and
we work with local enterprises, associations, foundations, NGO’s and local authorities
which we will us to implement the project and connect people. Magenta’s philosophy is based on people and on the idea of contributing to building a better society, always
working on values.

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Pistes-Solidaires is a French education association (Pau, SW of France), that develops its projects on the base of UNESCO 4 pillars for education: get to know/learn to do/learn to be/learn to live together and with others. Our slogan “Europe in actions” reflects our desire to bring European dynamics to life at a local level so that the young people with whom we work, and our local and regional partners can benefit from a unique experience of Europe and openness in education.  

We have a strong experience in projects related to youth and adult education and a lot of contacts in the field of vocational training. Our Educational mobility department actually gives the people the chance to experience learning mobility through European programmes (ESC, youth exchanges, training courses, etc). We work towards inclusion for hard too reach adult and young NEETs with the help of non-formal and popular education methods, such as storytelling. 

We aim to augment local knowledge of Europe and European values: as a Europe Direct information centre (awarded by European Commission from 2013), we inform and stimulate the European debate at local level. 

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Gulbene Municipality is a local level municipality in the North–East of Latvia. It consists of 13 parishes and town – Gulbene. The number of inhabitants in the whole municipality in 2018 was approximately 22 000.

The municipal decision-making instrument representing local inhabitants is Gulbene
Municipality Council (GMC). GMC is responsible for legal operation of the municipal
institutions and usage of finances. GMC functions include managing education, culture and preservation of traditional cultural values and cultural objects, providing access to health care, social assistance, promotion of economic activity, etc. GMC is responsible for the coordination of municipal educational institutions administrative work, methodical work, and strategic planning.

GMC initiates social, educational and other project activities that fall in line with the
development plans of its territory and address the needs of different local population
groups. GMC also offers support to different population groups including youth, seniors, disabled and disadvantaged people to help them carry out their ideas and ambitions to improve quality of life and to facilitate their active civil participation.

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Exchange House Ireland National Travellers Service is an organisation of Traveller and settled people and leading provider of front line and support services to some of the most marginalised Travellers in Ireland since 1980.

We are a multi-disciplinary frontline service provider offering Education and Training Services, Children and Young People Services, Family Support and Crisis Intervention Services, Addiction Services and the National Traveller Mental Health Service. We also deliver partnership services through training, provision of expertise and dual working with other organisations providing services to Travellers in Ireland. Our aim is to break down barriers and discrimination in order to facilitate Travellers to access the range of services they need in an equitable way. Exchange House Ireland has been providing a professional standard of practice that has been shown to produce good results with our client group for 40 years.

Exchange House Ireland utilises a distinctive multi-disciplinary approach. Clients are facilitated to address their individual situation and needs under one roof, where possible, and link them into additional services when this is beneficial. We work with a service user group who often face multiple social issues and barriers and have a skilled staff team throughout the organisation who can work with members of the Traveller community to instigate positive outcomes.

We are ideally placed to combine the teaching to improve digital skills with the access to a vibrant population who can reflect on the experience of their community in the year 2020.

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EURO-NET is a non-profit association that is effective or associate member of 57 international networks (of which 5 are European networks: EUROPE DIRECT, EUROGUIDANCE, EURODESK, SOLVIT and EBN-BUSINESS EUROPE & INNOVATION CENTER NETWORK).

The association offers children, young people and adults these services:

  • information and project development center
  • organization of training courses, exchanges and cultural, artistic or sport activities
  • sector studies and research
  • consulting, crisis support and prevention
  • e-learning, networking, partnerships, master courses and workshops
  • publications, newspapers and websites.

It has carried out over 420 European projects, in particular within the programs: Youth, Youth in Action, Socrates, Leonardo, LLP, Progress, Daphne, Life, E-Aid, Creative Europe Cultures, Erasmus Plus (KA1, KA2 and KA3) , Representation in Italy of the EC, European Youth Foundation, Council of Europe, etc.

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CATRO Bulgaria is part of the leading Austrian consultancy group – CATRO Personalberatung and dieBerater®, providing cutting-edge know-how in all areas related to human resources management and development. A crucial part of our mission is to develop and implement corporate socially responsible projects through which we build a bridge between different socially disadvantaged groups and the corporate sector, opening a space for identifying opportunities for sustainable partnerships.

Our CATRO team is part of My community 2020, due to our commitment to supporting socially excluded groups such as domestic violence survivors, NEET`s etc. At the beginning of the century, digital skills are a must in the labour market, being crucial for prosperous professional and personal development. Furthermore, focusing on the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria, can boost the development of the regions and open new jobs in the area of tourism. This concept is a bridge between the past and the future, as well as an appreciation of what we inherited from our ancestors. My community 2020 is a great opportunity to deepen our knowledge and expertise in mentioned topics and make a contribution to the future generations.

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