C1 – Joint staff training event, train the trainer

The purpose of the C1 “ Joint staff training event, train the trainer” was to host trainers from partner countries Bulgaria, Italy, Ireland, Spain, France and Latvia and delivered training on the following topics,

  • Story Telling
  • Local History
  • Interview Technique
  • Local media
  • Digital Skills

To give the trainers tools how they will deliver the training in their respect country, the training including visit to local history sites, partners delivering their modules, learning about editing audio and video software as well as visit to Radio Dacorum to learn interview techniques.  After creating IO1 “ Design training skills to create Local History” partners wanted to test the training with trainers before it was piloted with the 10 learners.   All modules were covered in the C1 training.  the aim of C1 was to give trainers insight to the training and how they will tackle any issue during the training.  The feedback received from the partners was very positive.